Microsoft Online Assessment 2022 Questions and Solution

Disclaimer:Microsoft Online Assessment 2022 Questions are for preparation, questions may or may not be asked in Microsoft OA. Some, questions were leaked by students after the Microsoft OA, so please make sure you practice all of them. Note that I can’t represent Amazon as a whole; this is my personal opinion on the Microsoft Online Assessment process”

Microsoft Online Assessment 2021 Questions and Solution
Microsoft Online Assessment 2021 Questions and Solution

Microsoft Online Assessment Process

  • Recruiter Connect: Maintaining a good Linkedin profile is highly recommended to be noticed by Microsoft recruiters. It is also recommended that you connect with existing Microsoft employees for job references. The candidate can also try to apply on the job portal.
  • Interview sets: The interview sets begin with a first selection interview based on DS / Algo. The following rounds are more technical and focus on DS / Algo skills as well as systems design knowledge.
  • After the interviews: The candidate‘s performance is judged on the previous interviews and the verdict is pronounced. All interviewers meet to discuss and discuss candidate ratings with the hiring manager.
  • Hired: Once the team and both are comfortable and ready to go, the letter of offer is prepared and shared with you by recruiters and you are hired!

Microsoft Online Assessment Questions 2022

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