Detect Cycle in Linked List SOLUTION HACKER RANK

Detect Cycle in Linked List SOLUTION Note  After first solving the problem by yourself, see Floyd’s cycle-finding algorithm for an efficient solution which uses O(N) time and O(1) additional memory.   /*   Detect loop in a linked list    List could be empty also   Node is defined as    struct Node   { … Read more

Print Homocentric Rectangular Pattern CODE Hacker Rank

Print Homocentric Rectangular Pattern Your task is very simple and challenging.You have to print homocentric rectangular pattern in 2d grid of given input n. Example:- n=5 n=3 Input Format An integer 1<=n<=100. Output Format Print homocentric rectangular pattern March Long Challenge 2021 Solutions An Interesting Sequence ISS SOLUTION Tree House THOUSES SOLUTION Valid Paths VPATH … Read more