D. PriceFixed Codeforces Solution | Round 727

PriceFixed Solution Codeforces Round 727 Lena is the most economical girl in Moscow. So, when her dad asks her to buy some food for a trip to the country, she goes to the best store — “PriceFixed”. Here are some rules of that store: The store has an infinite number of items of every product.All … Read more

C. Stable Groups Codeforces Solution | Round #727 (Div. 2)

Codeforces Round #727 (Div. 2)

Stable Groups Solution Codeforces Round 727 There are n students numerated from 1 to n. The level of the i-th student is ai. You need to split the students into stable groups. A group of students is called stable, if in the sorted array of their levels no two neighboring elements differ by more than … Read more

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