Arrange the dates SOLUTIONS CODECHEF SSEC0004

Arrange the dates SOLUTION SSEC0004 Compose a program to organize the dates of birth entered by client in climbing request. Given a number n, where n is the quantity of dates entered. Dates are in the organization Date/Month/Year.    *Valid date will be thought of!!    Info    The main line of the info contains … Read more

Lagest sum consecutive increasing digits in a No SOLUTIONS CODECHEF SSEC0015

Lagest sum consecutive increasing digits in a No SOLUTION SSEC0015 You are given an info containing a number. Execute an answer for locate the biggest total of continuous expanding digits , and present the yield with the biggest aggregate and the situation of start and end of the sequential digits.    Model :    Info … Read more


REVERSE LENGTH DIVISBLE SOLUTION SSEC0020 Turn around Length Divisible Given a number N, check on the off chance that it is opposite length separable. A number is supposed to be opposite length detachable if the main I digits of the number is distinct by (l-i+1) where l is the quantity of digits in N and … Read more

Analyse the Pattern SOLUTIONS CODECHEF SSEC0010

Analyse the Pattern SOLUTION  SSEC0010 Given the accompanying string design that is vastly long, you are give a column number. The undertaking for you is to print ASCII code of every letter set of the given row.[All letter sets are capital].    S    S    S E    S E C    S E  … Read more

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