Chef and Sums SOLUTION Gourmet specialist gave you a grouping of whole numbers a1,a2,… ,aN and 3 whole numbers K, m and x. We should characterize the accompanying capacities:    G(i1,… ,iK)=gcd(ai1,… ,aiK)    Sx(i1,… ,iK)=axi1+axi2+… +axiK    Pm(i1,… ,iK)=(ai1⋅ai2⋅… ⋅aiK)m    W(T)=smallestprimedivisorofP1(T)    Culinary expert needs you to figure the whole of G(T)⋅W(T)⋅Sx(T)⋅Pm(T) over … Read more

Move the Coins – Creating Tests SOLUTIONS MVCN2TST

Move the Coins – Creating Tests SOLUTION Gourmet expert is planning tests for the issue “Move the Coins”! He needs to make a tree G with N hubs (numbered 1 through N), which is established at hub 1, and a rundown of Q unmistakable reparentings. A reparenting is a couple of hubs (u,v) (u≠1) of … Read more

Rotate the Polyline SOLUTIONS ROTATPOL

Rotate the Polyline SOLUTION Gourmet specialist John is given a polyline P comprising of focuses P1…Pn. Assist him with finding a vector v, to such an extent that the accompanying holds:    Let dot((a,b),(x,y))=a⋅x+b⋅y    Let Si=dot(v,PiPi+1−→−−−) (here Pn+1=P1).    There exists three numbers w,l,r, with the end goal that:    For all i,l≤i≤r,Si⋅w>0    … Read more


Divide Candies SOLUTION There are N piles of confections (numbered 1 through N); for each legitimate I, the I-th of them contains precisely iK confections. You plan to parcel these loads among you and your companion so that each store is given to precisely one of you without being part among you.    The conveyance … Read more


Chefina and Swap SOLUTION You are given a positive number N. Consider the grouping S=(1,2,… ,N). You ought to pick two components of this succession and trade them.    A trade is decent if there is a number M (1≤M<N) with the end goal that the whole of the primary M components of the subsequent … Read more


Find XOR SOLUTION This is an intelligent issue.    There is an arrangement of positive whole numbers A1,A2,… ,AN. You don’t have a clue about this grouping, however your errand is to discover the estimation of A1⊕A2⊕… ⊕AN, where ⊕ means the bitwise XOR activity.    You may ask up to 20 inquiries. In each … Read more

Chef and Trump Cards SOLUTIONS CRDGAME2

Chef and Trump Cards SOLUTION Gourmet specialist is playing a game with his companion Chefu. The standards of the game are as per the following:    There are two heaps of cards. One heap has a place with Chef and the other to Chefu. One or the two heaps might be unfilled.    At any … Read more


Ada Matrix SOLUTIONS ADAMAT Culinary expert Ada has a lattice with N lines (numbered 1 through N start to finish) and N sections (numbered 1 through N from left to right) containing all numbers somewhere in the range of 1 and N2 comprehensive. For each substantial I and j, we should indicate the cell in … Read more

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