General Classes of Power Quality Problems

General Classes of Power Quality Issues The terminology presented here reflects recent U.S. and international efforts to standardize definitions of power quality terms. The IEEE Standards Coordinating Committee 22 (IEEE SCC22) has led the main effort in the United States to coordinate power quality standards. It has the responsibilities across several societies of the IEEE, … Read more

Transients Power Supply Quality

Transients The term transients has long been used in the analysis of power system variations to denote an event that is undesirable and momentary in nature. The notion of a damped oscillatory transient due to an RLC network is probably what most power engineers think of when they hear the word transient. Other definitions in … Read more

Long-Duration Voltage Variations

Long-duration voltage variations encompass root-mean-square (rms) deviations at power frequencies for longer than 1 min. ANSI C84.1 specifies the steady-state voltage tolerances expected on a power system. A volt age variation is considered to be long duration when the ANSI limits are exceeded for greater than 1 min. Long-duration variations can be either overvoltage’s or … Read more

Short-Duration Voltage Variations

Short-Duration Voltage Variations This category encompasses the IEC category of voltage dips and short interruptions. Each type of variation can be designated as instantaneous, momentary, or temporary, depending on its duration as defined in Table 2.2. Short-duration voltage variations are caused by fault conditions, the energization of large loads which require high starting currents, or … Read more

Power Quality Terms and Definitions

Power Quality Terms and Definitions So that you will be better able to understand the material in this book, we have included the definitions of many common power quality terms that are relevant to the material in this book. For the most part, these definitions coincide with current industry efforts to define power quality terms. … Read more

Power Quality Benchmarking Process

Power Quality Benchmarking Electric utilities throughout the world are embracing the concept of benchmarking service quality. Utilities realize that they must understand the levels of service quality provided throughout their distribution systems and determine if the levels provided are appropriate. This is certainly becoming more prevalent as more utilities contract with specific customers to provide … Read more

Power Quality Monitoring

Power Quality Monitoring Power quality monitoring is the process of gathering, analyzing, and interpreting raw measurement data into useful information. The process of gathering data is usually carried out by continuous measurement of voltage and current over an extended period. The process of analysis and interpretation has been traditionally performed manually, but recent advances in … Read more

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