November Challenge 2020 SOLUTION CodeChef

Chegg FREE Premium Accounts: Free Premium Chegg Accounts & Passwords 2020 Udemy Leak Courses: [FREE] Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch [FREE] Learn Network Hacking From Scratch (WiFi & Wired) November Challenge 2020 SOLUTION CodeChef Ada and Dishes SOLUTION ADADISH Iron Magnet and Wall SOLUTION FEMA2 Magical Candy Store SOLUTION CNDYGAME Unusual Queries SOLUTION UNSQUERS Red-Black Boolean Expression … Read more

Panic! at the Disco SOLUTION PANIC

Panic! at the Disco November Challenge 2020 You are given a K×K matrix M. For each r and c (1≤r,c≤K), let’s denote the element in the r-th row and c-th column by Mr,c. You are also given three integers N, a and d. Let’s define a K×K matrix S=∑i=0NFa+i⋅d⋅Mi. Here, M0 is the identity matrix … Read more


Selecting Edges November Challenge 2020 You are given an undirected graph G with N vertices (numbered 1 through N) and M edges (numbered 1 through M). G does not contain any self-loops, but it may contain parallel edges. For each valid i, the i-th vertex has a non-negative integer weight Ai. Also, for each valid … Read more

Red-Black Boolean Expression SOLUTION RB2CNF

Red-Black Boolean Expression November Challenge 2020   Let S be a set of N boolean variables X1,X2,…,XN and their negations ¬X1,¬X2,…,¬XN. You are given the initial values of all variables. A 2-CNF boolean expression is defined as a conjunction of clauses, where each clause is a disjunction of two elements of the set S. Ada constructed … Read more


Unusual Queries November Challenge 2020 There are N mountains in Chefland, arranged in a line and numbered 1 through N from left to right. For each valid i, the i-th mountain from the left has a height Hi. Chef wants to choose a contiguous sequence of mountains l,l+1,…,r and visit them in this order. He has … Read more


Magical Candy Store November Challenge 2020 Chef and Chefu are at a magical candy store playing a game with the following rules: There are two candy counters; each of them stores an infinite number of candies. At any time, only one of the counters is open and the other is closed. Exactly one player is … Read more

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