Penetration Testing step-by-step Explained

penetration testing

What is Penetration Testing? Penetration testing is kind of an… unfortunate name, but we’re stuck with it. Penetration testing (or “pen testing” for short) is an authorized attempt to find and exploit computer systems. Why would someone want such a thing? The idea is to have the “good guys” find flaws (so that they can … Read more

TCP 3 Way Handshakes Working Explained

TCP 3-Way Handshake Process

What is TCP? Transport Control Protocol, or TCP, is in the “Transport” layer (Transport Layer) of the TCP/IP model, or layer 4 of the OSI Model. TCP makes sure that two applications are able to send and receive data in a reliable and error-checked way. Among other things, the TCP protocol defines how to initiate a … Read more

OSI Model 7 Layers Functions Explained

osi model

What is OSI Model? The OSI model, or Open Systems Interconnection model, is a way of thinking about computer networking (specifically, the functionality and protocols that comprise it) as different layers of abstraction. There are 7 layers: physical, data-link, network, transport, session, presentation and application. The layers build on one another, so each layer depends … Read more

How to Spoof MAC Address on OS X (Mac)

I suggest you guys you first learn about What is MAC addresses and How to spoof MAC before continuing. Today we will be seeing How can we spoof MAC address on OS X, if you guys haven’t seen how can we Spoof MAC Address on Windows and Android Devices in just 3 simple steps. Previously we … Read more

How to Spoof MAC Address on Windows

 Now that we know what are MAC addresses and what is  MAC spoofing , if you haven’t read the previous post click on the names and read them up for better understanding. Now, today we are going to see How to Spoof MAC Address on Windows later on we will also see how to perform them on OS X … Read more

What is MAC Address Spoofing?

 Read this Post first for better understanding  of  How MAC addresses work. What is MAC address spoofing? The gadget that you’re seeing right currently has a system interface regulator (NIC), what’s liable for permitting you to associate with a system, similar to the web. All gadgets fit for systems administration (cell phones, PCs, switches) have … Read more

What are MAC Address? and How to Hack?

In the field of systems administration, you will regularly run over the term MAC Address. So, what precisely right? What does it do? How is it utilized? Is it identified with IP addresses? Introduction to MAC Address The Media Access Control (MAC) address is a paired/binary number used to interestingly recognize PC organize connectors. These … Read more

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