Indiana Jones and the cryptic code SOLUTIONS ECAUG208

Indiana Jones and the cryptic code SOLUTIONS Indiana Jones has at last discovered Atlantis and he likewise found a few compositions that can decode Atlantean language. Abnormally Atlantean language letter sets are equivalent to English language letters in order. The Atlantean composition contains N special words. (numbered from 1).    Indiana has likewise found a … Read more

Naruto and One Shot SOLUTIONS ECAUG207

Naruto and One Shot SOLUTIONS ECAUG207 There are N towns numbered 1 to N. The towns are associated through bi-directional ways in the middle of them. The entire system is as a tree.  Every town has just 1 warrior however they help each other in the midst of emergency by sending their contender to the … Read more

Notebook Distribution SOLUTIONS ECAUG205

Notebook Distribution SOLUTIONS ECAUG205 Cook is an exceptionally kind-hearted individual and he needs to have a foundation occasion and give his note pads to the kids who go to that occasion. Gourmet specialist has a lot of N unmistakable kinds of scratch pad which are numbered from 1 to N with each book containing Ai(1<=i<=n) … Read more

Delta and Jumps SOLUTIONS ECAUG206

Delta and Jumps SOLUTIONS ECAUG206 There is a city with N numbered 0−N−1 shops. A market is where we can reach starting with one shop then onto the next utilizing some street. There are M streets in this city associating each interfacing any two shops.  Locate the quantity of business sectors in the city.  NOTE: … Read more


Chef Learns BST SOLUTIONS ECAUG204 Cook has been given elite of N whole numbers and was approached to make a Binary Search Tree having N hubs. Be that as it may, Chef was occupied with cooking so he requested your assistance. Culinary expert gave you those numbers and inquired as to whether it is conceivable … Read more

Chef Loves Cakes SOLUTIONS ECAUG201

Chef Loves Cakes SOLUTIONS ECAUG201 Culinary specialist was exhausted remaining at home in the lockdown. He needed to go out for a change. Culinary specialist and Chefu are partial to eating Cakes,so they chose to go the Cake shop where cakes of all conceivable cost are accessible . They chose to buy cakes of equivalent … Read more


Angry Delta SOLUTIONS ECAUG202 At some point, Delta, the canine, got extremely furious. He has N things with various qualities, and he chose to pulverize a couple of them. Nonetheless, Delta adores his hooman also. So he just decimated those things whose Least Significant Bit in paired portrayal is 0. Would you be able to … Read more

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