Chef and Girlfriend SOLUTIONS CHEF1005

Chef and Girlfriend SOLUTION At whatever point Chef requests that his Girlfriend hang out, she’s caught up with accomplishing her work. Culinary expert needs to assist her with completing it quicker, however he’s stuck between a rock and a hard place! Would you be able to assist Chef with understanding his Girlfriend’s work so she … Read more

Chef and Power SOLUTIONS CHEF1004

Chef and Power SOLUTION Locate the quantity of ways that a given number, X, can be communicated as the total Ntof the forces of exceptional, regular numbers.  For instance, if X=15 and N=2, we need to discover all mixes of one of a kind squares signifying 15. The main arrangement is 22+32+12+12.    Info:  The … Read more

Chef and Loss SOLUTIONS CHEF1003

Chef and Loss SOLUTION Culinary expert has a diagram of costs for an eatery throughout the following quite a while. He should purchase the eatery in one year and sell it in another, and he should do as such at a misfortune. He needs to limit budgetary misfortune with your assistance.  Information:  The principal line … Read more

Chef and Missing Numbers SOLUTIONS CHEF1002

Chef and Missing Numbers SOLUTION Gourmet specialist had two arrangements of fixings that were changes of each other. He was extremely glad. Sadly, while going from work , a few numbers were missed out of the main rundown. Would you be able to locate the missing numbers?    Notes:  On the off chance that a … Read more

Chef and Ice Cream SOLUTIONS CHEF1001

Chef and Ice Cream SOLUTION Gourmet expert and his companion like to pool their cash and go to the frozen yogurt parlor. Gourmet expert never purchases similar flavor as his companion does. The main other guideline they have is that they go through the entirety of their cash. Given top notch of costs for the … Read more

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