Best 5 Game in Notepad Batch Scripting

Best 5 Game in Notepad Batch Scripting

Welcome to another Batch Scripting Post By CYBER GEEK. Today we are going to make a game. Did you recognize that the straightforward Notepad program on your computer is really a really powerful programming tool? That’s right, and it’s also very easy to find out . during this article I’m getting to show you ways … Read more

Best Command prompt Hacks Top 10 Batch Scripting

Best Command prompt Hacks

Best Command prompt Hacks Welcome back to another interesting post by CYBER GEEK so today we are going to see tricks for command prompt.I hope that you guys¬† understand or know about Batch scripting so basically this tips and tricks of CMD is related with our Batch scripting in batch scripting we write certain codes … Read more

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