Amazon OA Online Assessment 2023 Questions and Answers

If you’re preparing for Amazon OA Online Assessment 2023, you’re in the right place! Check out our library of questions and answers, updated for the latest changes. We’ve also got tips on how to approach the OA, so you can maximize your chances of success.

Please note that the following questions are for Amazon Online Assessment preparation only and may or may not be asked in the actual Amazon OA. Some questions have been leaked by students who have taken the Amazon OA SDE, so it is important to practice all of them. Please keep in mind that I cannot speak for Amazon as a whole; this is my personal opinion on the Amazon Online Assessment process.

Amazon OA Online Assessment 2023
Amazon OA Online Assessment 2023

What is Amazon looking for in Amazon OA 2023?

Good problem-solving skills and the ability to plan within a given timeframe are qualities that employers look for when interviewing candidates. When you are called in for an interview, be sure to have a schedule ready that outlines what you hope to accomplish during the meeting.

It is beneficial for you to know as many data structures and algorithms as possible and to familiarize yourself with their use, in at least one popular language. Java or C++ is probably ideal. It depends on where you are interviewing and how you organize with Amazon, but in general, you are tested on data structures that you can use on a daily basis, such as charts, trees, lists, stacks, queues. ‘waiting, sets and maps / dictionaries. Algorithms are usually use case driven, that is, you are usually asked in advance to write a sorting algorithm or a tree or graph traversal algorithm.

When working to solve a problem, it’s always best to answer as if you’re already hired for the position. If you’re asked to reimplement a merge sort or quick sort, try to use a proven implementation that already exists. This will save time and, unless instructed otherwise, is the best course of action. There should be a really good reason to reinvent the wheel.

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How Should You Prepare for an Amazon Interview?

If you’re interviewing with Amazon, you should be prepared to answer questions about your experience, your skills, and your Amazon-specific knowledge. Be ready to discuss your experience with Amazon products and services, and your ability to use Amazon technologies. You should also be prepared to talk about your problem-solving skills and your ability to work in a fast-paced environment. Finally, be sure to brush up on your Amazon-specific knowledge, such as the company’s history, its customer base, and its business model.

What does Amazon look for in an interview?

When interviewing for a position at Amazon, the company looks for candidates who are able to think analytically and solve problems quickly and effectively. They also want candidates who are able to work independently and are comfortable with ambiguity. Amazon also looks for candidates who have a strong customer focus and are able to work in a fast-paced environment.

Summary on Amazon Online Assessment 2023

It’s important to be honest with interviewers if you don’t understand what they’re asking or if you can’t provide the specific details they’re looking for. It’s also helpful to know about data structures and algorithms, as this will give you a better chance of correctly solving the problem. Although it’s not ideal, being prepared with this knowledge will help reduce the occurrences of these types of situations.

Amazon OA Online Assessment 2023 Questions with solution

  1. Shopping Patterns Solution Amazon OA 2023
  2. Reorder Data in Log Files Solution Amazon OA 2023
  3. Top K Frequent Words Solution Amazon OA 2023
  4. Trees Height Solution Amazon OA SDE 2023
  5. Counting Binary Substrings Amazon OA 2023
  6. Grid Connections Amazon OA 2023
  7. Shipment Imbalance Amazon OA 2023
  8. Max Profit Amazon OA 2023
  9. Find Lowest Price Amazon OA 2023
  10. Decode String Frequency Amazon OA 2023
  11. Simple Cipher Amazon OA 2023
  12. Valid Discount Coupons Amazon OA Solution
  13. Count Maximum Teams Amazon OA 2023
  14. Minimum Coin Flips Amazon OA 2023
  15. Max Average Stock Price Amazon OA 2023 Solution
  16. Robot Bounded In Circle Amazon OA 2023
  17. Shopping Options Amazon OA 2023 Solution
  18. Fill The Truck Maximum Units on a Truck Amazon OA Solution
  19. Maximize Score After N Operations Number Game Solution Amazon OA 2023
  20. Slowest Key Amazon OA 2023 Solution
  21. Five Star Seller Maximum Average Pass Ratio Amazon OA 2023
  22. Split String Into Unique Primes Amazon OA 2023 Solution
  23. Storage Optimization Amazon OA 2023 Solution
  24. Minimum Difficulty of a Job Schedule Amazon OA 2023 Solution
  25. Autoscale Policy Utilization Check Amazon OA 2023
  26. Optimal Utilization Solution Amazon OA 2023
  27. Merge Two Sorted Lists Solution Amazon OA 2023
  28. Two Sum Unique Pairs Solution Amazon OA 2023
  29. Amazon Music Pairs Amazon OA 2023 Solution
  30. Class Grouping Amazon OA 2023 Solution
  31. Find Max products Amazon OA 2023 Solution
  32. Get encrypted number Amazon OA 2023 Solution
  33. Find Total Imbalance Amazon OA 2023 Solution
  34. Find Total Power Amazon OA 2023 Solution

Amazon OA Online Assessment 2023 FAQ

  1. How is the assessment “graded”?

    As far as I know, online rating may differ between Amazon organizations in terms of rankings. Among the organizations I work with, the code / solution is usually reviewed by engineers (humans 🙂 to determine errors and make a final judgment on whether to accept it.

  2. Do you only move on if you pass both questions optimally with every test case passed?

    As far as I know, it is possible to go with a flawed solution, as long as the general approach seems correct and hits most borderline cases. Being proactive in making compromises in your approach and testing it is a good thing. It is also useful, as stated before, not to over-design the solution (for example, trying to reimplement Quicksort is almost never good).It is much better to pass all test cases for all questions (this makes it much easier for us to review and evaluate the solution).

  3. Is the code/solution reviewed by a human to determine where the mistake(s) were?

    We try to make human reviews for the reason, as some solutions in the past have successfully exposed bugs in the rating selector and / or inconsistencies in the presentation of the problem. We have made an effort to iterate and improve evaluation issues, which also includes sampling versus engineers working at Amazon.

  4. How do I crack Amazon online assessment 2023?

    Here are some tips to crack Amazon Online Assessment 2023:
    Practice previous year’s Amazon placement papers and assess them by yourself.
    Time management is very crucial while taking up the aptitude test.
    When it comes to answering multiple-choice questions, be cautious, and check your choice of answer twice.
    Avoid solving sequential questions.

  5. Amazon OA 2023 Question List

    We have shared a complete list of Amazon OA 2023 on site.