Amazon OA 2021 (Online Assessment) Questions Preparation

Amazon OA 2021 (Online Assessment) Questions Preparation
Amazon Online Assessment Online Test

Amazon Online Assessment 2021

The first step to getting a job at Amazon is to pass the online assessment on platforms such as Hackerrank or Codility, commonly referred as “OA”. Candidates are sent a test with 1-2 questions to complete them within 1.5 hours. The assessment result will be used to decide if the candidate can move on to the on-site interviews.

Note that these are prep questions. We do not know what the actual questions are but these questions are a great practice.

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Practice question with Solution

  1. Robot Bounded in Box
  2. Number Game
  3. Find All Combination of Numbers Sum to Target / Shopping Options
  4. Fill the Truck
  5. Music Pairs
  6. Slowest key
  7. Five Star Seller
  8. Split String Into Unique Primes
  9. Storage Optimization
  10. Minimum Difficulty of a Job Schedule
  11. Autoscale Policy, Utilization Check
  12. Optimal Utilization
  13. Merge Two Sorted Lists
  14. Two Sum Unique Pairs
  15. Shopping Patterns
  16. Reorder Data in Log Files
  17. Top K Frequent Words

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