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About US With over a years of experience, CYBER GEEK Hacking derives from a different perspective in the Cyber Security & Digital Forensics Field, the mindset of a Hacker which goes by: “To Know One, You Have To Think Like One”, in our case, be like one. We strive to bring the Black Hat “Ethical” Side of offensive security, by simulating a real Black Hat Hacker mindset approaching your business, your personal data, by manipulating the information gathered, in order to compromise your network, your assets by any means, technical, or socially engineering the human mind to conduct their attacks. Black Hat Ethical Hacking, is not a product or a service, its a combination of the experience our team has collected over the years, to offer you with a tailored service, that will fit with your business model proactively. We also like to help people with Coding Contest, Competitive Programming has grown so far that even for Jobs You need to have some basic level of Coding. We provide Solutions for Coding Contest of Plat Form CodeChef, LeetCode, HackerRank, Code Froces, HackerEarth, these are some various Coding Platform which Solutions we provide after the contest.

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“If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor.”


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