How to Solve dateModified field is recommended Error on Structured Data Testing Tool

Your getting Warning from Structured Data Testing Tool that dateModified field is recommended Please provide a value if available. This blog post will cover all your Structured Data Testing Tool.

Let’s see how to fix dateModified field is recommended please provide a value if available.

How to Solve dateModified field
How to Solve dateModified field

“The dateModified field is recommended. Please provide a value if available.”

Follow this steps to solve dateModified field is recommended .

  1. Log into your Blogger Dashboard.
  2.  Click Theme.
  3. Click  Edit HTML.
  • Search the word itemprop=’datePublished’.  And you will see the line which contains itemprop=’datePublished’
  • Replace by the below code above the itemprop=’datePublished’ line
<meta expr:content=’data:post.lastUpdatedISO8601′ itemprop=’dateModified’/>
  • Once you replace it Click on Save Button and Check again in Structured Data Testing Tool now your issue will be solved

Now this will solve your dateModified field is recommended error.


I hope this article has solved all your issues on How to Solve dateModified field is recommended Error, now to confirm your changes for validating go to click here.

How to Solve dateModified field FAQ

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    Schema is a language used to help search engines understand the content of your site. Essentially, schema tells search engines what your site or a specific page is about in very simple terms.

  2. What is news article schema?

    A News Article is an article whose content reports news, or provides background context and supporting materials for understanding the news. The number of the column in which the News Article appears in the print edition.

  3. What is Schema Type?

    The schemas are a set of ‘types’, each associated with a set of properties. The types are arranged in a hierarchy. The vocabulary currently consists of 792 Types, 1447 Properties 15 Datatypes, 83 Enumerations and 445 Enumeration members. Browse the full hierarchy in HTML: One page per type.

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