School Reopening: Partially opened schools in these states including Bihar, Haryana, Maharashtra and Gujarat

Odisha The state government has decided to reopen schools for class 10 and 12 from July 26, though it is not mandatory for students to attend online classes. Has gone. During this, online teaching-learning will continue for the students. Satyabrata Sahu, Principal Secretary, School and Mass Education, Odisha said that, “ We have been able to reach only 40 percent of the total students through online teaching, while 60 percent of the students are still left behind. Due to the Kovid restrictions, there has been a loss of 150 days of school students in the state. Therefore, from July 26, both private and government schools are being re-opened for the students of class 10th and 12th.  Tell us that the classes will run from 10 am to 1.30 pm. There will be no provision for half leave during this period.

Maharashtra The government has reopened the schools for classes 8 to 12 from July 15. However, schools have been opened in the same areas where not a single case of corona infection has been reported for the last one month. Significantly, Nashik has also announced the reopening of 335 schools in coronavirus-free villages.

Bihar- Schools have reopened in the state from July 12 with 50 percent attendance for class 10 and 12 students. Here  colleges and universities have also been reopened.

Haryana Haryana schools have reopened from July 16 for classes 9 to 12. From July 23, physical classes will also be started for students of classes 6 to 8. However, students wishing to attend the schools will have to bring permission letter from their parents. Apart from this, online classes will also continue for these students.

Gujarat The state has reopened offline classes for class 12 from July 15 with 50 percent student capacity. However, physical classes from 1 to 9 have been postponed indefinitely in the state.

Telangana The physical classes here were scheduled to start from July 1 but the decision was later rescinded after experts warned of a third Covid-19 wave. Online classes have been resumed for all school students.

Madhya Pradesh – Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan had earlier said that schools of class 11 and 12 would reopen with 50 per cent capacity from July 26.  Junior classes will be allowed to reopen gradually depending on the pandemic situation.  He had said that initially schools would be opened four days a week and later six days.

Andhra Pradesh– State government has started online classes from 12th July and physical classes will be resumed here from 16th August.

Meanwhile, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Karnataka have not made any announcement regarding reopening of schools.

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