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Ruby on Rails Full Course in 4 Hours

Is Ruby on Rails worth learning 2021: It became a stable, tested piece of software that does its job very well. Rails have been around for quite a while, running for several thousands of hours on production. Lots of bugs and issues have been found and fixed, with new features added to make a developer’s job easier. It’s just not a new thing anymore, so you are not likely to find anyone tellaing you about this new cool framework they discovered for writing web apps on the ruby.

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Is Ruby on Rails still worth learning in 2021

It still has a couple of advantages, despite being surrounded by other great frameworks on other languages:

  1. Easy to use: Creating an application and adding features take very little code, as rails does a great job of doing many things for you. Also, if you want to implement a feature, there is likely a gem that can assist you in doing that.
  2. Stable: Rails is, well, quite old compared to most other frameworks, and the community has done a great job at squashing bugs. As of today, the master branch of the project has 72k commits, not a small amount by any measure.
  3. It’s fun: This is very subjective, but I find ruby nice and easy to write, even writing tests using Rspec or Minitest can be a bit entertaining.
  4. It plays well with other things: Deploying Rails apps on Heroku or AWS is simple. Connecting it to most databases is simple. Wiring authentication into a rails app is simple. With the introduction of API mode, running a backend API over HTTP is also relatively simple, if you want to implement a SPA that communicates with it.

Why Ruby on Rails Is Still a Good Choice in 2021

Rails might not be the best tool for every task, there are out there other great frameworks with clear advantages over rails on several fronts, but still, as an all-in-one solution, the simplicity and cohesion rails offers is enough to consider it for most projects.

On the subject of whether Rails programmers are in demand, I’m based in the UK and daily I’m getting several invitations to apply for permanent or contract work at good rates.

Things Ruby/Rails has going for it:

  1. Beautiful, simple, and fun to write compared to many web-centric languages
  2. The large and well-established ecosystem of gems (packages) to help you
  3. Friendly, supportive, and experienced community
  4. Regular conferences and meetups in many areas
  5. Well paid (certainly in my area) compared with e.g. PHP
  6. Maturity and stability
  7. Large amounts of existing applications to work on

Things that might indicate Rails isn’t for you:

  1. You need the latest shiny thing
  2. You want to work with a team or project that uses a specific technology.
  3. You want to do things that are computationally very intensive
  4. You’d rather join a new community than a more mature one

Free Ruby on Rails Tutorial for Beginners

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