IAS Success Story Once The House And Farm Were Mortgaged For Engineering Fees Then This Is How Madhav Gitte Became An IAS Office

IAS Success Story Once The House And Farm Were Mortgaged

Success Story Of IAS Tops Madhav Gitte: Although till today you must have heard the story of many candidates who have succeeded in UPSC, but today we will tell you the story of Madhav Gitte, an IAS officer who fought hard and changed his luck. Madhav’s parents, who hailed from Nanded in Maharashtra, were illiterate and did not have any solid means of income. Both used to take care of the family by doing farming and labor. In the midst of such a situation, Madhav studied till his 10th standard. During this time his mother died of cancer. After this, a mountain of sorrows fell on him and life became even more struggle. By mortgaging everything, he did engineering. After this, after passing the UPSC exam, the dream of becoming an IAS came true.

struggle since childhood
The financial condition of Madhav’s family was very weak and his parents used to run the house by doing farming and labor. When Madhav was in class 11, his mother passed away due to cancer. Whatever money her family had, she used for treatment, but she could not survive. In this critical situation, Madhav did his studies till 12th by working as a laborer. You will be surprised to know that he used to go to school by cycling 22 kilometers every day.

Home and farm mortgaged for engineering
After 12th, Madhav did a diploma, which he did by borrowing money from people. Madhav got very good marks there and got an offer to take admission in engineering in a college in Pune. The condition of Madhav’s house was very weak, so his family mortgaged the house and farm and paid the fees. The whole family had to work very hard to pay their fees for 4 years. Eventually after these engineering, he joined a job. After this, he gradually repaid the loan of the house and farm.

This is how UPSC came to mind
When Madhav was pursuing his engineering degree. At that time he had to face a lot of difficulties in taking education loan. He got very upset with the system and decided that he would try to change the system. After working for a few years, he left the job and appeared in the UPSC exam for the first time in 2017. He did not get success in the first time. Once again he tried and passed the exam in 2018, but got the Indian Audit and Accounts Service according to the rank. Finally in 2019, he fulfilled his dream of becoming an IAS. Friends helped a lot in his journey.

Watch Madhav Gitte’s interview with Delhi Knowledge Track here

Madhav’s advice to other candidates
Madhav says that if you are determined to become an IAS officer after passing the UPSC exam once, then there is no need to be afraid of any trouble. You move ahead in this journey with hard work and the right strategy. The support of family and friends is also very important in this journey. Madhav believes that with continuous hard work, you can get success in UPSC.

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