IAS Success Story Left Bank Job For UPSC Anu Kumari Achieved Success By Staying Away From Small Child For 2 Years

IAS Success Story Left Bank Job For UPSC Anu Kumari

Success Story Of IAS Topper Anu Kumari: Today we will tell you the story of Anu Kumari, who became an IAS officer after getting success in UPSC exam. Anu kept away from her child for many years for the dream of UPSC and before that she had decided to leave the bank job and prepare for UPSC. When Anu got a failure in the first place, she got a big setback. After this, he worked hard and made his civil service dream come true by securing All India Rank 2 in the second attempt.

such early life
Anu Kumari was born in Sonepat, Haryana and did her early education here. After Intermediate, he decided to do his graduation from Delhi. After graduation, he took admission in MBA in Nagpur. After MBA, he got a job in a bank in Mumbai. After working for about 2 years, he got transferred to Gurgaon. Here they got married and a son was born. Meanwhile, at the behest of his brother and maternal uncle, he decided to quit his job and prepare for UPSC.

people also taunted
Anu was not able to prepare for UPSC with her young child, so she decided to study remotely. During this, people also taunted him many times. However, bypassing all this, he continued hard work. He could not get success in the first attempt. Instead of getting disheartened by this, he threw everything in the second attempt and topped the UPSC. You will be surprised to know that after giving the interview in the second attempt, she met her child.

Watch Anu Kumari’s interview with Delhi Knowledge Track here

Anu’s advice to other candidates
Anu believes that you can start preparing for UPSC at any stage. During this, you have to ignore the taunts of the people of the society and their talk. You just have to focus on your goal and work hard and make a better strategy for that. Anu believes that you should choose the books wisely for preparation and make your study schedule according to the syllabus. She says that during this time positive attitude is very important.

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