IAS Success Story Despite Years Of Failure Did Not Give Up The Dream Of Becoming An IAS Then Chandrima Atri Got Success

IAS Success Story Despite Years Of Failure

Success Story Of IAS Topper Chandrima Attri: If you focus well on all the subjects in UPSC exam then you can get success by getting better marks. Essay is such a paper in UPSC, in which many people feel difficulty. Today, we will tell you the story of Chandrima Atri, who became an IAS officer after getting success in the 2019 Civil Services Examination, who made a record by getting the highest number in the essay paper. Let us know some of his tips regarding this paper.

Success in fourth attempt
Chandrima is originally from Panipat, Haryana. However, he had to struggle for almost 4 years to get success in UPSC. In the first 3 attempts, she got stuck before the interview round. At the same time, in the fourth attempt, he rectified his mistakes and got the highest number in the essay and got the 72nd rank in UPSC 2019. The essay paper played an important role in his success.

Special Tips for Essay
According to Chandrima, the essay paper is of 3 hours and you have to write an essay on two subjects. First of all, divide your time in half according to both the essays. After this write these essays in the stipulated time itself. Now make the structure of the essay and decide which points you want to include in it. You can note these points anywhere. After that write the essay by adding these points according to the time.

Watch Chandrima Attri’s interview with Delhi Knowledge Track here

Chandrima’s advice to others
Chandrima says that while writing an essay, many people think that they should write on a unique topic. People think that this will give them good marks, but it is not so. If you write an essay on a common topic in clear language on the basis of facts and data, then you can get better marks. Apart from this, she says that during UPSC preparation should be done with patience. One should face the challenges coming here and focus towards success by working hard and hard.

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