Best Digital Marketing Course | Is Digital Marketing Certificate Worth It 2021?

Is Digital Marketing Certificate Worth It 2021

Is Digital Marketing Certificate Worth It 2021? Are there any benefits from learning digital marketing through a course and getting a certification?

The short answer to the above questions is Yes, Digital marketing courses are worth it. I’ve been a digital marketing professional for many years and during my career, I’ve been involved deeply in digital marketing training. I have reviewed several courses, talked with a lot of students, and eventually created my own courses.

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The long answer is, it depends on your primary objective from taking a digital marketing course.

  • Is your goal to learn digital marketing?
  • To enrich your CV with a good certification?
  • To increase your chances of getting a digital marketing job?
  • To become a digital marketing professional?
  • All of the above?

And to other factors like the cost and time investment required to go through a training program.

In this post, I’ll help you decide whether you should follow a course on digital marketing by explaining the benefits of enrolling in a course, the costs involved, and what to consider before choosing a digital marketing course.

What is Digital Marketing?

Is Digital Marketing Certificate Worth It 2021? Digital Marketing means promotion. In this, you have to do the promotion of products and services using digital platforms like mobile phones, display advertising, social media, the internet, etc. Hence it is essential for every business.

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Why is it important to learn Digital Marketing? 

As per my research what I found more than fifty percent of the entire population of the world are using the internet. Technologies are increasing rapidly. The world is getting digital all around. People are spending most of their time in the world of the internet. This is the best opportunity for marketers to target the right audience. Everyone knows if the usage of the internet increasing demand for digital

Is Digital Marketing Certificate Worth It 2021? Digital marketing is at boom these days even in the time of recession when the whole world is struggling to earn money. A digital marketer does not have to struggle for a job, If it’s tough to find one, you can work for your own business and the good part about this field is that you may also work as a freelancer.

Sit and Earn at home doing your favorite work i.e surfing the internet and using social platforms such as:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

Why spend 9 hours for a job that will hardly pay you 25 to 30k Work for yourself. Spend 4–5 hours a day and earn a good amount.

  • Digital marketing is a platform through which you can rank your business on google.
  • Through this, you can earn doing your favorite work, using social networking sites.
  • Work as a freelancer.
  • Digital marketing is a very good platform for a good career.
  • Digital marketing is observed to offer countless benefits to any business.

Let us look into various advantages that digital marketing offers

Cost-Effective Marketing

Digital marketing is observed to be highly cost-effective compared to any other marketing type. Digital marketing enables any business to transform its market. With the right application of digital marketing tools and techniques, businesses can attain a high return on investments with minimal investment rates.

Target the right customers

Traditional marketing uses different channels like fliers, radio, newspapers, flex boards, and much more to reach out to the audience that is random people. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing helps to identify and target the right group of audiences which results in higher conversion rates and lower advertising costs.

Reaches a huge range of audience

Digital marketing is not restricted to any specific location. It benefits you to gain customers from every corner of the world. Furthermore, digital marketing also empowers you to reach the targeted group of customers in minimal time. With the perfect strategy formulated, digital marketing would achieve the size of customers that goes beyond your imagination. Digital marketing enables any small and medium-sized business to gain global reach in no time.

Offers the most accurate metrics to measure

Digital marketing provides you with statistics that help you understand your business clearly. These statistics assist you to measure every aspect of your business most accurately. This in turn enables digital marketers to analyze and formulate wise strategies that drive better results. The strategies that formed based on the metrics derived through digital marketing would benefit any organization in forecasting the market and design an appropriate marketing plan for its business.

Enables you to compete with big brands

Digital marketing does an amazing job in promoting integrity among small, medium, and large scale industries by enabling them to compete with each other irrespective of their sizes. Any small business could compete with the leading ones with the right application of the tools and strategies of strategic digital marketing. Digital marketing enhances the market of any small and medium scale business by reaching out to the targeted audience across the globe and increase the conversion rate.

Promotes Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a major goal for any business. Every business desires to be identified and recognized in the market. Digital marketing transforms your business to be identified as somebody from nobody. Digital marketing boosts the brand recognition of any business. It aids the businesses to be recognized by their targeted potential customers on various platforms of the internet across the globe. With the right strategies and promotions applied, digital marketing will succeed in establishing standards for your business in the market.

Stay Ahead of The Competitors

Digital marketing grants you the ease to access tools to study your competitor’s business and design various marketing strategies that help you overcome your competitors. Digital marketing assists you with the perfect analysis to forecast the future and plan accordingly. This helps you to protect your business from any disasters. Digital marketing aids you to successfully eliminate risks and plan ways to secure and upscale your business.

Promote Great Customer Relationship

A good customer relationship is an important asset to any business. Digital marketing aids you to enhance your customer relationship. The tools and methods of digital marketing perfectly analyze the customer and fetch you with the details and help you promote services that satisfy your customers. Digital marketing plays a key role in establishing good customer relationships as it assists you to address every minute concern of the customer which results in great customer satisfaction.

Stay Connected with your Customers

With the right application of the various tools and methods of digital marketing, you could always stay connected with your customers. Especially through email marketing, you will be able to be in constant touch with your customers reminding them of your products and services, the ongoing offers, and much more, all year long.

What are the various sectors that are employing digital marketing strategies?

Is Digital Marketing Certificate Worth It 2021? Any business requires marketing. Digital marketing is a need for every industry. As the domain of digital marketing is rapidly expanding its territory, many industries have already adopted this technology to avail of the benefits it has been rendering. Let us look into a few of them

  • E-commerce websites
  • Retail businesses
  • Education and training institutions
  • Healthcare sector
  • Automobile industry
  • Entertainment industry

Fundamental Reasons for the growing demand for Digital Marketing Courses

Digital media user adoption growth

There’s an explosion in terms of the number of people joining various digital media such as Facebook, LinkedIn. According to Internet World Stats, over 57% of the world’s population (i.e. 4.39 billion people) today has an Internet connection. It was less than 1% in 1995. Moreover, the amount of time spent on digital media is also growing. Interestingly, around 49.8% of this Internet user base is from Asia.

Digital marketing spends growth

According to a report by Emarketer, Digital media will account for 43.5% of investments by 2020. In 2019, digital advertising accounted for 15.8% of the total advertising budget.

Talent gap for skilled digital marketing professionals

Given the evolving nature of this medium and industry, academic institutions can’t take care of digital marketing skill-building needs. This has created an ever-increasing gap between demand and supply of skilled digital marketing people at entry-level positions.

Rate of change in the digital marketing industry

Since digital media channels change so often, there’s a constant need for skill up-gradation for people who are already in this industry.

Growth of Internet-based businesses

Due to the lower entry barrier, Internet-based startups are exploding globally. This has placed additional pressure to produce digital marketing talent.

Free Online Digital Marketing Courses with Certificates

Which is The Best Digital Marketing Course? If you are looking for a shortlist of the promising free online digital marketing courses with certificates available in 2021 you are at the perfect place.

Let’s have a look at the best digital marketing courses in 2021:

Which is The Best Digital Marketing Course? 

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How to get into Digital Marketing in India & Job Tips


Anyone from students to entrepreneurs can excel in this field provided they love to learn, explore, and experiment. A career in digital marketing will soon be an important and most sought-after part of the marketing world.

I hope I was able to give you an insight into the digital marketing world and some motivation to go and take up that course.

All the best!

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