Array Rotation ARRROT Solution

April Lunchtime 2021

Array Rotation ARRROT Solution

Given an array A of length N, we can define rotation as follows. If we rotate A to the right, all elements move to the right one unit, and the last element moves to the beginning. That is, it becomes [AN,A1,A2,…,AN−1]. Similarly if we rotate A to the left, it becomes [A2,A3,…,AN,A1].

Given an array A and an integer x, define f(A,x) to be the array A rotated by the amount x. If x≥0, this means we rotate it right x times. If x<0, this means we rotate it left |x| times.

You are given an array A of length N. Then Q queries follow. In each query, an integer x is given. To answer the query, you should replace A with A+f(A,x) where + denotes concatenation. After this operation, you must output the sum of all elements of A. Since this number can be large, output it modulo 109+7.

Note that the queries are cumulative. When you modify A to answer one query, it starts that way for the next query.

The first line contains an integer N – the size of the initial array.
The second line contains N integers A1,…,AN – the elements of the initial array.
The third line contains an integer Q – the number of queries.
The fourth line contains Q space-separated integers x1,…,xQ, where xi is the parameter of the i-th query.
After each query, output in a single line the the sum of all elements of the current array modulo 109+7.

Subtask #1 (100 points): original constraints

Sample Input
1 2
1 1
Sample Output
Initially, the array is [1,2]. After the first query, the array becomes [1,2]+f([1,2],1)=[1,2]+[2,1]=[1,2,2,1]. The total sum is 6. After the second query, the array becomes [1,2,2,1]+f([1,2,2,1],1)=[1,2,2,1]+[1,1,2,2]=[1,2,2,1,1,1,2,2]. The total sum is 12.

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