Setup Virtual Machine to Practice Hacking

 Since we have the prologue to hacking off the beaten path, there’s only one final thing left before we can really begin hacking. 

Because of the *ahem* touchy nature of our field of work, I suggest you utilize a virtual machine and not your own local OS for doing anything you’re inexperienced with. Virtual machines are ideal for working on hacking:

  • You can do anything you desire inside a VM and simply hit reset and you’re back to a working OS 
  • You can explode it anyway you need, see what happens when you erase significant stuff and do unspeakable things to it with zero danger of harming your real framework. 
  • It’s cross-stage. It is safe to say that you are on Windows? Macintosh? Linux? Doesn’t make a difference. You can run these inside one another. 
  • It’s free. Authoritatively free, that is, no compelling reason to privateer or download from obscure sources. (At any rate for Windows and Linux)
In the accompanying not many instructional exercises, we’ll have to utilize Windows. So here we’re going to perceive how to arrangement a Windows Virtual Machine. In the end we’ll proceed onward to utilizing Kali Linux for further developed hacking. 
Presently, how about we get to it.
Step 1 : For making a virtual machine we need two things: the virtualization program software and the OS image file
  • The Virtualization Software: I suggest VirtualBox. It’s free and cross stage.
  • The OS Image: You can discover a lot of Windows OS image here.
  • It’s always a best idea to go with latest windows which is windows 10.
  • But make sure that you have  chosen right platform. In our case we are using Virtual Box.
  • Now Download the requires softwares. It’s up to 4GB.
These OS pictures that Microsoft is offering are intended for testing and not typical utilization. It’s legitimacy is 90 days after which we’ll need to reset the virtual machine back to continue utilizing it. To do this, we’ll take a preview of the underlying state. Utilizing a depiction is additionally a simple method to reset the virtual machine back to a working state should something awful occur, which it will since we’re here to work on hacking.
After the download is finished, you ought to have a compress record that contains MSEdge – Win10_preview.ova. This is our picture document. Presently we have to stack it up into VirtualBox.
Step 2 : Once you have done the step 1 successfully now lets move on and setup our VM. Now extract the .ova file anywhere you like and then start your VirtualBox. Then navigate to File > Import > Appliance
Step 3 : Now if you remember I told to extract .ova file right , now navigate to that folder and once your done Click on the Next.
Step 4 : Now as you have done everything correctly now Click on the Import.

Step 5 : Congratulations your Virtual Machine is now setup.
Step 6 : Now as we are done with the setup now let’s do little bit of configurations. Navigate to Settings > Display under that section increase the video memory to 128mb. This will give you full screen as it will give smooth response.
Step 7 : Now its time to give a name to your virtual machine. To do that click on the snapshot and then on the camera to give a name (basically it will create a snapshot which will ask you to give a name to the snapshot which will be your VM name). 

Step 8 : Hey let’s run the Virtual Machine to do that click on the start and it will Fire Up. Congratulations you have successfully open your New Virtual Machine.
Presently you’re prepared to test an assortment of hacking strategies while guarding your own framework. The virtual machine successfully goes about as a sandbox, shielding you from yourself. In a future instructional exercise, we’ll develop this by setting up systems administration with virtual machines, which permits you to do significantly more, for example, working on hacking webcams or infiltration testing firewalls or setting up man-in-the-center assaults, etc. 
We have a long and intriguing street in front of us. In any case, until further notice, we’re going to begin with something little and amazing. We have started Batch Scripting where we will be creating batch viruses and many more cool stuffs with Batch Programming.

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