Weekly Contest 210 SOLUTIONS LeetCode

Welcome to the 210th LeetCode Weekly Contest.Weekly Contest 210 SOLUTIONS LeetCode, be posted after the contest as per LeetCode Policies.

  Important Note

The penalty time has been changed from 10 minutes to 5 minutes for each wrong submission.

LeetCode heavily emphasizes on the justice and fairness of our contests. We have absolutely ZERO TOLERANCE for violation behaviors (such as plagiarism, cheating, etc).

Weekly Contest 210 SOLUTIONS LeetCode posting solutions of  “Weekly Contest 210 SOLUTIONS LeetCode” is stritcly prohibited.

Below actions are deemed contest violations:

One user submitting with multiple accounts during a contest. LCUS (leetcode.com) account and LCCN (leetcode-cn.com) account are considered to be separate accounts, even if both accounts belong to the same user.

Copying and pasting one or more test cases directly in code submissions.

Multiple accounts submitting similar code for the same problem.

Creating unwanted disturbances which interrupt other users’ participation in a contest.

Disclosing contest solutions in public discuss posts before the end of a contest.

When a user is deemed violating contest rules, we will apply the following penalties on this user:

  • First violation: LeetCoin amount resets to zero and a contest and discuss ban for 1 month.
  • Second violation: Permanent account deactivation without appeal.

Furthermore, we encourage all participants to contribute to maintaining the justice and fairness of our contest. Users who submit valid violation report(s) will earn additional LeetCoins:

For each violating participant, the first 10 users who submit the violation report towards this participant will each earn 20 LeetCoins.

Each user can earn up to 100 LeetCoins for reporting violations in a contest.

Users will not be rewarded LeetCoins for reports on LCCN users.

Weekly Contest 210 SOLUTIONS LeetCode will be available after the contest.

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6. Dream and the Multiverse Solution Codechef

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