Yet Another Array Restoration SOLUTIONS Codeforces Round #667 (Div. 3)

Yet Another Array Restoration SOLUTION

We have a mystery exhibit. You don’t have the foggiest idea about this exhibit and you need to reestablish it. Nonetheless, you know a few realities about this exhibit: 
The cluster comprises of n particular positive (more noteworthy than 0) numbers. 
The cluster contains two components x and y (these components are known for you) with the end goal that x<y. 
In the event that you sort the exhibit in expanding request (with the end goal that a1<a2<… <an), contrasts between all adjoining (back to back) components are equivalent (for example a2−a1=a3−a2=… =an−an−1). 
It tends to be demonstrated that such an exhibit consistently exists under the limitations given beneath. 
Among all potential clusters that fulfill the given conditions, we request that you reestablish one which has the base conceivable most extreme component. At the end of the day, you need to limit max(a1,a2,… ,an). 
You need to answer t free experiments. 
The principal line of the info contains one number t (1≤t≤100) — the quantity of experiments. At that point t experiments follow. 
The main line of the experiment contains three numbers n, x and y (2≤n≤50; 1≤x<y≤50) — the length of the cluster and two components that are available in the exhibit, individually. 
For each experiment, print the appropriate response: n numbers a1,a2,… ,a (1≤ai≤109), where ai is the I-th component of the necessary cluster. In the event that there are a few answers, you can print any (it likewise implies that the request for components doesn’t make a difference). 
It tends to be demonstrated that such a cluster consistently exists under the given imperatives. 
2 1 49 
5 20 50 
6 20 50 
5 3 8 
9 13 22 
1 49 
20 40 30 50 10 
26 32 20 38 44 50 
8 23 18 13 3 
1 10 13 4 19 22 25 16 7

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