What is Cyber crime ? Types, Tools, Examples

Today we are going to see about Cyber Crimes and some examples. If you haven’t read Ethical Hacking Course Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3,  Part 4 & Part 6 then I highly recommend you guys to go through them too to have a better understanding about the course.
In this Course we are going to learn –
  1. What is cyber crime ?
  2. Cyber Crime Attack Types
  3. Example of Cyber crime
  4. Cyber Crime Tools

1.What is Cyber crime?

Cyber crime is outlined as AN unlawful action against someone employing a laptop, its systems, and its on-line or offline applications. It happens once info technology is employed to commit or cowl AN offense. However, the act is just thought-about crime if it’s intentional and not accidental.

2.Cybercrime Attack Types

Cybercrime will attack in numerous ways that. Here, is a few commonest crime attack mode:
  • Hacking:
It is AN act of gaining unauthorized access to a system or network.
  • Denial Of Service Attack:
In this cyberattack, the cyber-criminal uses the bandwidth of the victim’s network or fills their e-mail box with spammy mail. Here, the intention is to disrupt their regular services.
  • Software Piracy:
Theft of code by lawlessly repetition real programs or counterfeiting. It conjointly includes the distribution of merchandise supposed to pass for the first.
  • Phishing:
Pishing could be a technique of extracting guidance from the bank/financial institutional account holders by black-market ways that.
  • Spoofing:
It is AN act of obtaining one system or a network to fake to possess the identity of another laptop. it’s principally accustomed get access to exclusive privileges enjoyed by that network or laptop.

3.Example of Cybercrime

Here, are some most ordinarily occurring Cybercrimes:
  • The fraud did by manipulating laptop network
  • Unauthorized access to or modification of knowledge or application
  • Intellectual property thievery that features code piracy
  • Industrial spying and access to or theft of computer materials
  • Writing or spreading computer viruses or malware
  • Digitally distributing kid pornography

4.Cyber Crime Tools

There are many sorts of Digital rhetorical tools
  • Kali UNIX operating system :
Kali Linux is AN ASCII text file code that’s maintained and funded by Offensive Security. it’s a specially designed program for digital forensics and penetration testing.
  • Ophcrack :
This tool is principally used for cracking the hashes, that are generated by an equivalent files of windows. It offers a secure user interface system and permits you to runs on multiple platforms.
  • Encase :
This code permits AN investigator to image and examine information from exhausting disks and removable disks.
  • SafeBack :
SafeBack is principally mistreatment for imaging the exhausting disks of Intel-based laptop systems and restoring these pictures to another hard disks.
  • Data truck :
This could be a command-line laptop rhetorical tool. it’s freely out there for the UNIX OS, which may build precise copies of disks appropriate for digital rhetorical analysis.
  • Md5sum :
A tool to envision helps you to check information is derived to a different storage with success or not.


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