Saving Ms. W SOLUTIONS September Circuits ’20


Ms. W has been snatched by A Sloth Monster. Presently, as her beau, its the obligation of Mr. S to spare her. 
To vanquish The Slothy Monster, and spare Ms. W from turning into a sloth animal, he needs to reach at the specific degree of battling aptitude. 
As of now, he is at the X’th level and he needs to arrive at the Y’th level of battling expertise. 
There are distinctive progress strategy accessible. 
On the off chance that you pick i’th progress strategy it will take you from Ai level to Bi level with the expense of Zi measure of stamina(Reverse is likewise evident). 
Also, in the event that he is at ability level I, he can eat a specific Devil Fruit explicit to that level which will make him rest for Hi hours and after that make his endurance equivalent to Ci. 
(Note the endurance level changes to Ci, not added to the current endurance level). 
Despite the fact that, it’s his decision to eat the Fruit or not. He can decide not to eat the products of the soil with the current endurance level. 
Note that there can be distinctive approach starting with one ability level then onto the next aptitude level with various or same expense of rest. 
Presently Mr. S need your assistance to discover least time he needs to rest to arrive at a definitive expertise level and spare his sweetheart. 
On the off chance that it is extremely unlikely to spare her, print – 1. 
Beginning endurance level is 0. 
Info FORMAT : 
The principal line contains N(Number of expertise levels) , M(Number of fesible changes) , A(Initial ability level) , B(Ultimate aptitude level). 
Next M lines contains 3 whole number X , Y , Z each , appearing from Xth structure he can change in Yth structure and the require endurance Z. 
Next N lines contains 2 number each , Ci, Hi, that implies , at ith structure , he can Change his endurance level to Ci with the expense of Hi measure of rest. 
Yield FORMAT : 
Single Line Cointaing Minimum time he have to squander on rest to change structure Initial level to the Ultimate level. 
Requirements : 
1 <= N <= 1000 
0 <= M <= 1000 
1 <= Inital_Form , Ultimate_Form <= N 
1 <= Xi , Yi <= N 
1 <= Zi <= 10^9 
1 <= Ci, Hi <= 10^9 
3 1 3 
1 2 
1 3 
3 2 1 
2 7 
2 7 
3 6 
First he will eat the villain natural product at level 1 and rest for 7 hours and get endurance of 2. 
At that point will trasnform to level 2, with cost of 2 endurance. 
Once more, he will eat the demon natural product at level 2 and rest for 7 hours and get endurance of 2. 
At that point, will arrive at level 3 with cost of 1 endurance. 
All out = 7 + 7 = 14 hours of rest.

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