Rearrange Spaces Between Words SOLUTION LEETCODE

Rearrange Spaces Between Words SOLUTION LEETCODE

You are given a string text of words that are put among some number of spaces. Each word comprises of at least one lowercase English letters and are isolated by at any rate one space. It’s ensured that text contains at any rate single word. 
Improve the spaces so that there is an equivalent number of spaces between each pair of neighboring words and that number is augmented. On the off chance that you can’t redistribute all the spaces similarly, place the additional areas toward the end, which means the returned string ought to be a similar length as text. 
Return the string in the wake of improving the spaces. 
Model 1: 
Information: text = ” this is a sentence ” 
Yield: “this is a sentence” 
Clarification: There are a sum of 9 spaces and 4 words. We can equally isolate the 9 spaces between the words: 9/(4-1) = 3 spaces. 
Model 2: 
Information: text = ” careful discipline brings about promising results” 
Yield: “careful discipline brings about promising results ” 
Clarification: There are a sum of 7 spaces and 3 words. 7/(3-1) = 3 spaces in addition to 1 additional room. We place this additional room toward the finish of the string. 
Model 3: 
Info: text = “hi world” 
Yield: “hi world” 
Model 4: 
Info: text = ” strolls udp bundle into bar a” 
Yield: “strolls udp bundle into bar a ” 
Model 5: 
Info: text = “a” 
Yield: “a” 
1 <= text.length <= 100 
text comprises of lowercase English letters and ‘ ‘. 
text contains at any rate single word.

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