Ram – The Born Detective!! SOLUTION NIRURAM2

Ram – The Born Detective!! SOLUTION NIRURAM2

To spread his dread in the city, he planted N number of delayed bombs which was turned on simultaneously. 
These delayed bombs had an exceptional clock separately which consistently signals at its specific time stretch and at whatever point it experiences the principal blare it shows time with an increase of 5seconds and in every single other signal, it shows time with lost 2seconds. Unsurpassed bombs vibrate when all the clock (of particular delayed bombs) blares simultaneously. Impact occurred at 09:30:00pm; when the delayed bombs experienced their first vibration. 
You being investigator Ram find just precisely when the delayed bombs were turned on. (overlooking the quantity of days) 
Info Format : 
The primary line contains a number T meaning the quantity of experiments. 
The accompanying line contains a number N signifying the quantity of delayed bombs. 
The last line of the info contains N space-isolated numbers meaning the signal time stretch (like a flash) of every clock. 
Yield Format : 
For each experiment, the main line of yield should comprise of when the delayed bombs were turned on. (as clarified in the Problem Statement) 
Test Input : 
18 21 17 31 
Test Output : 
03:03:18 am




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