Minimum Cost to Connect Two Groups of Points SOLUTION

Minimum Cost to Connect Two Groups of Points

You are given two gatherings of focuses where the primary gathering has size1 focuses, the subsequent gathering has size2 focuses, and size1 >= size2. 
The expense of the association between any two focuses are given in a size1 x size2 lattice where cost[i][j] is the expense of interfacing point I of the main gathering and point j of the subsequent gathering. The gatherings are associated if each point in the two gatherings is associated with at least one focuses in the contrary gathering. As such, each point in the main gathering must be associated with at any rate one point in the subsequent gathering, and each point in the subsequent gathering must be associated with in any event one point in the principal gathering. 
Return the base cost it takes to interface the two gatherings. 
Model 1: 
Information: cost = [[15, 96], [36, 2]] 
Yield: 17 
Clarification: The ideal method of interfacing the gatherings is: 
1- – A 
2- – B 
This outcomes in a complete expense of 17. 
Model 2: 
Info: cost = [[1, 3, 5], [4, 1, 1], [1, 5, 3]] 
Yield: 4 
Clarification: The ideal method of associating the gatherings is: 
1- – A 
2- – B 
2- – C 
3- – A 
This outcomes in an absolute expense of 4. 
Note that there are numerous focuses associated with point 2 in the primary gathering and point An in the subsequent gathering. This doesn’t make a difference as there is no restriction to the quantity of focuses that can be associated. We just consideration about the base absolute expense. 
Model 3: 
Info: cost = [[2, 5, 1], [3, 4, 7], [8, 1, 2], [6, 2, 4], [3, 8, 8]] 
Yield: 10 
size1 == cost.length 
size2 == cost[i].length 
1 <= size1, size2 <= 12 
size1 >= size2 
0 <= cost[i][j] <= 100

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