Minimum addition SOLUTIONS September Circuits ’20

Minimum addition SOLUTIONS

You are given a variety of positive numbers. You are additionally given questions. Each inquiry contains two numbers . For each question, decide the aggregate of all qualities that must be added to each number in range to with the end goal that bitwise AND of all numbers in the range is more prominent than 0. 
You are needed to limit the all out worth that must be included. The worth you should add to numbers isn’t really equivalent for all numbers. 
Note: Each question is autonomous of one another, that is, for each inquiry, you should treat the range over the underlying information exhibit. 
Info design 
The main line contains a whole number signifying the quantity of exhibit components. 
The following line signifies cluster components. 
The following line contains a number signifying the quantity of inquiries. 
Next lines contain two whole numbers and . 
Yield design 
For each inquiry, print the base whole of qualities to be included another line. 
4 3 2 4 1 
1 4 
2 3 
4 5 
For the principal question we can add 1 to the first, third and, fourth numbers. 
For the second and third question, we don’t have to include as the Bitwise AND is now > 0. 
For the last question, we can add 1 to fourth number.

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