How to Play PUBG in India After Ban 100% Working

Play PUBG Global in India After Ban | 100% Working | How to Play Pubg in India

How to Play Pubg in India

Play PUBG in India After its Ban Cut cutting Ban your sim card and then to apply a VPN and then you have to play pubg G so let’s let me show you how to do it but you have to remove the SIM as you see I have removed the SIM card let me show you so I have removed all the SIM cards in this phone what have to do is to install shifon Pro app which I have given in the description you can download it from there just install download and install this and no you have to open this and remember connect with any Wi-Fi hotspot will select panel hold device then click on no thanks then click on ok it will start connecting what happened used to stop this and the C in cableo2 option settings then any country let me select 911 start button start collecting your opinion ban it will start collecting as you see it is connected VPN is activated by let go to Chrome and search whats my IP in the.

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