How people scamming through Carding


How people scamming through Carding


Credit Card Scammers on the Dark Web

Every day out here is about money like want to come home for not even $1000 I read two weeks then you gotta pay tax like a thousand dollars in front of you guys today right now yeah how we do this we got to  with the chippies on here two four five seven eight three six three five zero seven this is exactly how we make our bread we’re these niggas we make it fly I haven’t worked in 10 years well yes I did go to work you know I tried that it’s too slow don’t forget it avid person makes about a hundred dollars a day when they do go to work for eight hours and I eat K my kids eat right there you want your kids to eat right look at my kid eat a little different than nobody you have to use Bitcoin it’s basically money to hide your identity and you don’t have to use your real cash that’s a more untraceable way everybody’s onto it so if you if I got to Bitcoin locations that’s right here touch your feet that’s what
 I do I wake up in the one go load up sent my money today I gotta be sentient and give one money turn it’s dead simply you bought the head to the trap when everything gets sold at drugs we cook up pieces now I’m going inside the dock when I purchase some well the dark web is basically like at Google but normal working people doesn’t know about you know you can buy drugs you can buy a kidney how to
me by Kenny hike this one called a dummy blank yeah it’s a dummy blank take a good look at it
it’s just so on the package give this up operator see what they said it has numbers i mighta take these numbers up off and put my numbers on there you get what I’m saying so we’ve gone to work but it’s right I come in let me show you how we do this right yeah take everything off this everything  off the 
CCI she comes off right I’m about to punch up some new see I see coming off right voila magic you  like this it’s some actually but I’m just giving out a rundown now punch up the numbers that I brought off of the dog-whip and give away money time grind hot I jumped into this in the drug game you get what I’m saying what drug game is slowly you know drugs you got to see a couple people doing transactions well with this you make him a couple of thousand dollars one day or from doing for nothing I mean which one would you choose so the honest which I’ve been doing this for about ten years in this game – 
I tell ya it’s a lot of people that just started doing this it’s just starting to get popular I got a home you might not as like 17 years old own even have a license he’s John Xfinity am 37 I know how did you get that they learned about the gaming listening to the music that’s out right now Andy catching on everybody’s on to it so notice in the music hyuk-joo talk to this man with a reason why these niggas mad gang the reason why these niggas mad money coming fast gotta chase a bag chitty-chitty bang-bang CIP code cache still under saved a big dog right that came this 32 on my I mean it’s very mainstream a lot of people talking about it everybody’s doing it everybody talking mine a lot of people just they do what they hear you film me like whatever it’s lit right now they go make a song about that shape I mean whatever they’re whatever’s a gimmick but 
I was the first one that brought that to life for me I’ve made the first what I do for a living you got effect this cool couple of them have attack school money look at this 300 no 20s no nothing hundreds hundreds give money every day scare me and I got more hunters coming right now full five six seven eight I did go to college you know my way and did have a degree to want to come home to nine hundred thousand dollars every two weeks then I paid tax  like a thousand dollars they’re funny you guys today right now yeah you hey that’s now it’s my best friend see that computer it’s my best friend you see that thing right there it’s my other best friend right 
I could take that anywhere with me yeah yeah then you just this right here Bluetooth so I could be at the mall right now in the parking lot like okay have my laptop with me you know I got a hot spot on my phone get the strip’s liked up they try to make it a little bit harder you know about putting a little chip system but guess what came out with this system that’s on along because I got new chips it’s going to so you know so now all I do is I got a couple people which is girls they just what tell me exactly what it is what we go on for today like let’s say for instance this is gonna be a ps4 day today punch up some cards put their name on it so they ready to go and let the same to the store just you know we live starting to the store get as much ps4 as you can and don’t forget I got a cash out now for everything so soon as I get all the merchandise I’m gonna go nowhere 
I’ve got to put nothing on all full of nothing I’ll eat me I just bought one place so I go cash out make my money pay my workers anybody gone by they way you know when I’m not on my and you know on the streets lighting there’s another way I you know I get my stay home stay behind the radar order a couple of things I might have walked up through the process like I said I got to see how this works all right now me and my boys been building a studio and we’re about to order some studio equipment I need a mixer next day I need for the studio I was do I need need a guest it looks like a banging ass death $2,000 I had to part it’s gonna come out so damn now almost $5,000 if you rounded off to the nearest hundred hi this is it right here what I’m gonna do is no ball on my side right now on my phone take a credit card number out I’m here take a good look people’s credit card I was in all over the world
see now look I just checked it I know if you could see it says valid right so that means that one works all right well now I’m just gonna plug everything in give him a different shipping address and it should be on the way oh thank you for your order see that that easy should be here tomorrow all of us see me sit I don’t even wrap but I love this yeah regular class working people definitely not affected because guess what once they look at that big account this wasn’t me just get their money right back so I’m not doing big scam people’s as well you feel me and this one is for the banks you’re scamming people I’m scamming y’all soon you get a millions of dollars so if I’m getting a couple thousand one hundred thousand if they could do it why can’t I walk the foot can’t
 I spend it on everything to be honest with you I mean yesterday for me was about $3,000 damn I made 3,000 holidays very easy and it’s cop and shots are  Hennessy for like $22 you wanna go to Chicago tonight
  I think you should come tonight and make you and everybody have a wonderful night tonight you can’t stop my flow it’s always gonna happen this is America so it is all about the money you know so we got to make the money high when we can’t you gotta save money you made 3,000 for the big gets one I spent a thousand with you guys
 I spent a thousand my friends wouldn’t you think the other two kinds of girls I gotta save money not the average person make something like this well once I start thinking about the negative stuff like getting caught by the police that’s you know one of the things happen that’s when things like that happened so I try not to think about that at all you know she gone once you think about it that’s when a happens this is right here I mean carries time 
I mean doing something I’m using somebody else’s information to benefit me that’s federal you know I’m not gonna see it for a couple years man she just amusing but Bauhaus yeah my bowels come on kid to the crib make sure he living good I’m in this game of getting and get out I gonna do this family once I get my family settled it’s over with never see me again you


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