Fix Google Seller.json File Issue in Google Adsense

How to Fix Google Seller.json File issue in Adsense
Hello Friends!  So in today’s article, we are going to talk about how to fix Google Seller.json File issue in Adsense. What does this bounce rate mean after all? Also we will know about this  Google  Adsense Fix Seller.Json File New Update step by step. So stay in this article and know more in full details.
We encourage you to publish your seller information in the Google sellers.json file. Visit the account settings page to review your current visibility status.

What is Google Seller.Json File?

Sellers.json is a JSON File. Which is provided by the IAB Tech Lab. Where publishers can publicly specify their Personal or Business name along with the primary domain name. So that advertisers can verify the data and learn more about the entities that are offering digital advertising opportunities.
According to the IAB Tech Lab, this seller.json file will increase the confidence level for the total supply chain of bidding and buying ad space.
It is worth noting that a few months ago, the Google AdSense Authority asked us to provide some data on an ads.txt file (which we would upload to our servers). But that file did not reveal the identities of institutions or businesses or individual publishers; While this seller.json file will do so.

How To Fix “Google seller.json file” in Adsense Account

Follow to make your seller information transparent :
Step 1: To fix this problem you have to log in to Adsense.
Step 2: Now you have to go to the “Account Information” section by clicking on the “Account” tab.
Step 3: Now you have to search the section “Seller information visibility” on this page.
Step 4: Now 2 options “Confidential” and “Transparant” will appear in front of you.
Step 5: Out of these, you have to choose the second option Transparent.
Step 6: Now you will see a Blank Box below. In this you have to submit the domain name (.com,, .net extension). Now your work is done.
Fix Google Seller.json File Issue in Google Adsense 2020
This will fix “we encourage you to publish your seller information in the Google sellers.json file. Visit the account settings page to review your current visibility status.” issues.


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    I am glad that you find this article helpful, I have joined this team recently and I'll be writing more articles based on Google Queries and updates.

    As you asked how can we do it in blogger. The answer is no, you don't have to make any changes in the blogger all the setting should should be done in Google Adsense as shown in the Article, if your confuse whether to upload any file to blogger just like ads.txt for this update. No, you don't have to upload any file on blogger all the updates and setting will be done automatically once you update your Google Adsense as per new update, so how can you check whether your updates are been added to seller.json list you can do it by visiting this real time binding list :
    This link will give show you whether your update is been added here or not and yes it will take some time and it won't effect your revenue too. As for WordPress same procedure.

    I hope this helps you out, any more queries feel free to ask


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