Deep Loves Function Minimization SOLUTIONS September Circuits ’20

Deep Loves Function Minimization SOLUTIONS

Given a grid. In one activity you can trade any two-section and you can play out this activity quite a few times (counting zero). Locate the base conceivable estimation of the given capacity subsequent to playing out this activity quite a few times (counting zero). As this worth may turn out to be huge, so yield the appropriate response modulo . The capacity is given beneath: 
Info Format: 
The principal line contains signifying the quantity of experiments. The portrayal of each experiment is as per the following. 
First-line contains a whole number , meaning the quantity of sections of the framework. 
It follows with line each contains whole numbers. 
Yield Format: 
For each experiment, print a solitary line containing one whole number — the base worth modulo . 
1 2 50 
5 10 2 
4 6 2 
We can trade 1’st and 2’nd segment and the appropriate response will be 2 * (1 * 20 + 2 * 2) + 1 * (2 * 2) = 52 and this the base conceivable answer.

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