Toys Solutions Round E | Kick Start 2020

Toys Solutions Round E | Kick Start 2020

Little Axel has N toys numbered from 1 to N. Each toy has two properties: Ei—delight, which is the quantity of minutes Axel can play with toy number I without getting exhausted with it; 

Ri—recognition, which is the quantity of minutes it takes Axel to overlook toy number I subsequent to having played with it. 

The toys are masterminded all around, from 1 to N clockwise. Axel plays with them individually. 

When Axel arrives at toy I which he has not played with yet, or which he has just overlooked, he plays with it for Ei minutes and afterward promptly moves to the following one (clockwise). 

In the event that he arrives at a toy that he has not overlooked at this point (if not as much as Ri minutes have taken a break he completed the process of playing with it), he will stop and cry. 

We can characterize the time Axel spent playing as the entirety of Ei of each toy Axel played with before halting. In the event that Axel played with a toy a few times, it ought to be checked that multiple occasions. 

Given the depiction of the toys, eliminate the littlest conceivable number of them so as to make Axel play either an uncertainly significant time-frame, or (if that is absurd) as far as might be feasible before he stops.  



Axel has never played with these toys; 

he can’t be left without toys; 

he generally begins with the toy that has the most modest number; 

subsequent to completing the process of playing with the toy that has the biggest number, he will move to the toy that has the most modest number. 



The main line of the info gives the quantity of experiments, T. T experiments follow. Each experiment starts with a line containing the whole number N. Next N lines contain 2 numbers each: Ei and Ri. The I-th line is portraying the toy number I. 



For each experiment, yield one line containing Case #x: y z, where: 

x is the experiment number (beginning from 1); 

y is the insignificant number of toys to eliminate so that Axel could play with most of them either inconclusively or as far as might be feasible; 

z is the longest time Axel will play in minutes or “Uncertainly” (without cites) in the event that he will play inconclusively lengthy timespan.


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