Single Lane Highway with Solutions 2020

 Single Lane Highway with Solutions 2020



An area street with a bituminous asphalt has a level bend of 1000 m for a structure speed of 75 km ph. The super-height is 


A. 1 out of 40 


B. 1 out of 50 


C. 1 out of 60 


D. 1 out of 70 


E. none of these. 




The base estimation of camber accommodated slim bituminous surface slope streets, is 


A. 2.2% 


B. 2.5% 


C. 3.0% 


D. 3.5% 




Plan of flat and vertical arrangements, super-height, sight separation and grades, is most noticeably awful influenced by 


A. width of the vehicle 


B. length of the vehicle 


C. stature of the vehicle 


D. speed of the vehicle 




Thickness of an asphalt might be diminished extensively by 


A. compaction of soil 


B. adjustment of soil 


C. waste of soil 


D. blend of all the abovementioned. 




The all out length of a valley shaped by two angles – 3% and + 2% bend between the two digression focuses to give a pace of progress of radial increasing speed 0.6 m/sec2, for a plan speed 100 km ph, is 


A. 16.0 m 


B. 42.3 m 


C. 84.6 m 


D. none of these. 




Traffic designing just incorporates 


A. arranging of administrative measures 


B. structure and utilization of control gadgets 


C. investigation of traffic attributes 


D. traffic opeation 


E. all the abovementioned. 




For the development of vehicles at a convergence of two streets, with no obstruction, the kind of level separator for the most part liked to, is 


A. delta 


B. trumpet 


C. precious stone trade 


D. clover leaf. 




In the event that the decision angle on any parkway is 3%, the slope gave on the bend of 300 meter sweep, is 


A. 2.00% 


B. 2.25% 


C. 2.50% 


D. 2.75% 


E. 3.00% 




According to suggestions of I.R.C., traffic volume study is completed for provincial streets for 7 days ceaselessly during 


A. harvesing 


B. lean season 


C. reaping and lean season 


D. none of these. 




The base proportion of the radii of two roundabout bends of a compound bend, is kept 


A. 1.25 


B. 1.5 


C. 1.75 


D. 2.0

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