Shikamaru has Queries SOLUTIONS ECAUG209

Shikamaru has Queries SOLUTIONS

Given a tree with N hubs numbered 1 to N established at hub 1, where the ith hub has a worth Ai, answer Q inquiries of the folowing type. : 
a b w: For all hubs in the straightforward way among an and b, print the total of estimations of hubs where worth is <=w. 
First line will contain N and Q 
Next N−1 lines contain u,v speaking to an edge between them. 
Next line contains N whole numbers A1,A2,…,AN. 
Every one of the accompanying Q lines contain an inquiry of type a b w. 
Answer each Query in another line. 
Test Input: 
5 3 
1 2 
2 3 
1 4 
4 5 
1 2 3 4 5 
1 3 2 
3 5 3 
4 5 1 
Test Output: 

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