Quest for Dragon Balls SOLUTIONS SHENQ

Quest for Dragon Balls SOLUTIONS SHENQ

There are seven otherworldly monster balls altogether dispersed over the Earth. After gathering each of them seven, one can bring the awesome mythical beast Shenron by reciting enchanted words. The mythical serpent would then concede any one wish of the summoner. 
Gourmet specialist and his two companions Ramzz and Raju left on an excursion to gather every one of the seven otherworldly mythical beast balls. After much trouble, they have gathered them all and continued to bring Shenron by reciting supernatural words. Upon appearance, Shenron told the three companions that he would concede their desire just on the off chance that they tackle the accompanying issue. 
You are given a succession of whole numbers A1,A2,… ,AN, on which you may perform tasks of the accompanying two sorts: 
Pick two back to back odd components and supplant them by a solitary component ― their whole. For instance, the arrangement [1,2,3_,3_,4] might be changed to [1,2,6_,4] (the supplanted components are underlined). 
Pick two continuous even components and supplant them by a solitary component ― their entirety in addition to 1. For instance, the grouping [1,2_,2_,3,4] might be changed to [1,5_,3,4]. 
You will probably make an arrangement whose length is the littlest conceivable. On the off chance that there are various successions with this base length, locate the most delightful one among them. (An arrangement A1,A2,… ,AM is more lovely than a succession B1,B2,… ,BM if there is a substantial file I with the end goal that Ai<Bi and for each legitimate j<i, Aj=Bj.) 
Help Chef and his companions Ramzz and Raju take care of Shenron’s concern. 
The main line of the information contains a solitary number T signifying the quantity of experiments. The portrayal of T experiments follows. 
The main line of each experiment contains a solitary whole number N. 
The subsequent line contains N space-isolated whole numbers A1,A2,… ,AN. 
For each experiment, print two lines. 
The first of these lines ought to contain a solitary whole number K ― the littlest conceivable length of the last grouping. 
The subsequent line ought to contain K space-isolated numbers ― the most lovely last succession with length K. 
0≤Ai≤106 for each substantial I 
the aggregate of N over all experiments doesn’t surpass 106 
Subtask #1 (50 focuses): A1,A2,… ,AN are either all odd or all even 
Subtask #2 (50 focuses): unique limitations 
Model Input 
1 3 5 
Model Output 
1 8

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