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HackerEarth Machine Learning challenge: Adopt a buddy

Problem statement

Having a pet is one of life’s most satisfying encounters. Your pets ruin you with their affection, empathy and dependability. Also, dare anybody lay a finger on you in your pet’s quality, they are in a difficult situation. On account of web based life, recordings of awkward and particular (yet charming) pets from over the globe engage all of you day long. Their affection is unadulterated and unbounded. In this way, consequently, all pets merit a warm and adoring family, in fact. What’s more, infrequent boops, obviously. 


Various associations over the world give haven to every single destitute creature until they are embraced into another home. Be that as it may, finding a caring family for them can be an overwhelming undertaking now and again. This International Homeless Animals Day, we present a Machine Learning challenge to you: Adopt a mate. 


The more brilliant side of the pandemic is an expansion in creature appropriation and encouraging. To guarantee that their clients stay inside, a main pet appropriation office anticipates making a virtual-visit understanding, exhibiting all creatures accessible in their safe house. To empower that, you have been entrusted to fabricate a Machine Learning model that decides type and variety of the creature dependent on its physical characteristics and different elements.


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