Notebook Distribution SOLUTIONS ECAUG205

Notebook Distribution SOLUTIONS ECAUG205

Cook is an exceptionally kind-hearted individual and he needs to have a foundation occasion and give his note pads to the kids who go to that occasion. Gourmet specialist has a lot of N unmistakable kinds of scratch pad which are numbered from 1 to N with each book containing Ai(1<=i<=n) number of pages separately. The occasion saw a gathering of K youngsters and now its the culinary specialist errand to circulate his scratch pad among them. 
Gourmet expert needs to augment the quantity of pages in every scratch pad with the goal that the youngsters get note pads as thick as could reasonably be expected. Culinary expert needs you to help him in parting the note pads with the goal that the kids leave the occasion joyfully. 
No note pad can have pages from at least 2 unique kinds of the scratch pad. 
Here Notebook type is alluded to the scratch pad of various sizes, page quality or page print. 
We need to keep all children cheerful, So every note pad must have a similar number of the page which is the most extreme conceivable 
First-line will contain T, the quantity of experiments. At that point the experiments follow. 
Each experiment contains a solitary line of info, two whole numbers N,K. 
Next line contains Ai(for I in 1 to N) number of pages in every scratch pad type 
For each Testcase, the yield must contain greatest pages in the new scratch pad 
Imperatives : 
Test Input: 
4 11 
802 743 457 539 
Test Output: 

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