Longest Arithmetic Solutions Round E | Kick Start 2020

Longest Arithmetic Solutions Round E | Kick Start 2020

A number-crunching exhibit is a cluster that contains in any event two whole numbers and the contrasts between back to back numbers are equivalent. For instance, [9, 10], [3, 3, 3], and [9, 7, 5, 3] are number-crunching clusters, while [1, 3, 3, 7], [2, 1, 2], and [1, 2, 4] are not math exhibits.

Sarasvati has a variety of N non-negative whole numbers. The I-th number of the exhibit is Ai. She needs to pick a bordering math subarray from her cluster that has the most extreme length. Kindly assistance her to decide the length of the longest touching number-crunching subarray. 



The primary line of the info gives the quantity of experiments, T. T experiments follow. Each experiment starts with a line containing the number N. The subsequent line contains N numbers. The I-th whole number is Ai. 



For each experiment, yield one line containing Case #x: y, where x is the experiment number (beginning from 1) and y is the length of the longest bordering math subarray.


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