How to Spoof MAC Address on OS X (Mac)

I suggest you guys you first learn about What is MAC addresses and How to spoof MAC before continuing. Today we will be seeing How can we spoof MAC address on OS X, if you guys haven’t seen how can we Spoof MAC Address on Windows and Android Devices in just 3 simple steps.

Previously we have seen How can we spoof MAC address in Windows  now let’s see how can we do this on OS X in just 3 simple steps.

Step 1 : Now this is very simpler to what we did on Windows. Navigate to System Preference > Network and then click on Advance tab. Also make sure you have internet connected.

Step 2 : Now click on the Hardware tab and you will see your MAC address. Do not close the tab cause we are going to use it later on.

Step 3 : Now we are going to change the MAC address but its not as simple as it was on Windows now we have to see what is out interface name first then we will move forward. For example if your connected on Wifi as I am, and we want to change it’s MAC address.

Spoof MAC Address on OS X

First open up the terminal  and type the commands as shown : 

ifconfig en0 | grep ether

Now this will give us the MAC address of en0 interface. Don’t be confuse in your case the name might differ but the steps are same. So, now you might have seen the MAC address after passing the command in the terminal, if you remember I told not to close the previous tab right now see whether the MAC is same or not in the terminal. Is it that your MAC address didn’t matched from the Hardware tab well no need to worry we have to check all the interface until we find the one which has our actually MAC address. You might need to check the multiple interface by passing the command in the terminal like this:

ifconfig en1 | grep ether
ifconfig en2 | grep ether

Maybe you have 5 to 6 interfaces whose names might be en3,en4,en5 and en6 now see which interface MAC address matches with your MAC address. I hope by now you might have found the interface which has the same MAC address as your Hardware tab.Spoof MAC Address on OS X

Let’s assume that you found your MAC address in en5 interface now we are ready to change our MAC address with the help of this command : 

sudo ifconfig en5 ether xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx

You might have seen error or warning, so to run this command you need to have Administrator Privileges. This might ask you to enter the password if your not logged in as Admin. Look the below image :

Now we have successfully Spoof MAC address on OS X .


Your MAC address has now been spoofed. You can now reconnect to your network and your computer will now use the new MAC address.

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