Gourmet expert won’t have the option to go to the birthday of his closest companion Rock. He guaranteed Rock that this won’t be the situation on his half birthday. To stay faithful to his commitment Chef must know Rock’s next half birthday precisely. Being occupied, he is relegating this work to you. 

Half birthday is the day that happens precisely between two resulting birthday events. You will be given Rock’s birthdate and birth month, you should make sense of his half birthday. 

Note: Consider each year to be a jump year and all months are shown in lowercase English characters. 



The principal line of the info contains a solitary number T meaning the quantity of experiments. 

The depiction of every one of the T experiments contains a number d followed by a string, indicating month m. 

Here d indicates day of a month and m means the period of a year separately. 



For each experiment print a whole number d1 followed by a string, meaning month m1, which in general signifies date and month of Rock’s half birthday. 







Test Input: 

15 january 

31 eminent 

10 october 


Test Output: 

16 july 

1 walk 

10 april

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