Delta and Jumps SOLUTIONS ECAUG206

Delta and Jumps SOLUTIONS ECAUG206

There is a city with N numbered 0−N−1 shops. A market is where we can reach starting with one shop then onto the next utilizing some street. There are M streets in this city associating each interfacing any two shops. 

Locate the quantity of business sectors in the city. 

NOTE: A market having just one shop is likewise a legitimate market. 


First line will contain T, number of testcases. At that point the testcases follow. 

First line of Each Test Case is N,M, meaning the quantity of shops and the quantity of streets separately. 

Next M lines comprise of two numbers An and B meaning that there exists a street between Shop An and Shop B 


For each testcase, yield the quantity of business sectors. 






Test Input: 

5 3 

0 1 

2 3 

3 4 


Test Output: 




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