Chef Loves Cakes SOLUTIONS ECAUG201

Chef Loves Cakes SOLUTIONS ECAUG201

Culinary specialist was exhausted remaining at home in the lockdown. He needed to go out for a change. Culinary specialist and Chefu are partial to eating Cakes,so they chose to go the Cake shop where cakes of all conceivable cost are accessible . They chose to buy cakes of equivalent cost and every one of them will pay for their cakes. Gourmet specialist just has coins of division N while Chefu has that of section M. So they need your assistance to discover the base add up to be spent so as to buy the cakes. 
First line will contain T, number of testcases. At that point the testcases follow. 
Each testcase contains of a solitary line of info, two whole numbers N,M. 
For each testcase, yield in a solitary line answer the base add up to be spent so as to buy the cake. 
Test Input: 
2 3 
Test Output: 

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