Chef And His House SOLUTIONS ECAUG203

Chef And His House SOLUTIONS ECAUG203

The Chef has purchased N boxes of Tiles. The quantity of tiles present in ith box is (I changes from 1 to N) . The Chef has two houses with N rooms every, whose floors is a square with region (i∗i) ,I shifts from (1….N). He need to disperse equivalent number of tiles from ith box to any two rooms (each room must have a place with one house ) to such an extent that all tiles of ith box is utilized and floor of the two rooms of various houses are tiled totally. 
Since culinary specialist is caught up with doing some different works so he needs your assistance to tally the all out number of rooms of the two houses that will be tiled totally. 
Note : size of each tile present in boxes has length and expansiveness equivalent to 1. 
First line will contain T, number of testcases. At that point the testcases follow. 
Each testcase contains one number N. 
For each testcase print the all out number of rooms of the two houses that will be tiled totally. 
Test Input: 
Test Output: 
The room 2 and 8 of both the houses are totally tiled.

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