Central-European Olympiad in Informatics, CEOI 2020, Day 2 (IOI, Unofficial Mirror Contest, Unrated)

Central-European Olympiad in Informatics

Hey Geeks, welcome back to my blog so I want to share something is that the coding contest which is happening and which is going to happen and all of the solutions we use to try to post it on our blog over here but due to some reason in the past we had a very big issue that some of the link not working and we change more than 100 post based on this link that you can download it and it seems that it is not working properly so it is going to take a week for us to figure it out everything and solve it and I’ll  also like to say that it’s like when the coding contest  happens we cannot provide solution as soon as the coding contest starts right because we are also like a candidate or a participants to the coding contest so we also try our best to give the solution on short amount of time so mostly we are going to take about one hour at least one hour we need to come up to the solution stuff and all and sometimes we take more time because at the traffic on our site used to be so much that it is not easy for us to handle it and what we used to do is that we used to provide the links already like a solution can be downloaded here so that you can click and can easily download but in actual the solutions are not been posted after one hour it will be posted  because we are also solving it right so once we modified the link which means after 1 hour when you can click on it you will get the solution downloading so used to provide everything in the first itself so that we do not have do all these things again and again and people will get confused there’s a reason that’s what are mostly like to say that solve and today we have so many coding contest and that just start coding

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