Binary Equivalent Codevita 9 Solution

Binary Equivalent Codevita 9 Solution

Problem Description

Mr. Double is lost and needs to be found yet the issue is he sees just paired. His home is situated at a most extreme paired comparability conceivable, from the given arrangement of numbers. A set is a paired comparability if the quantity of 0 zeros and ones from a lot of number are equivalent. 



1 <= N <= 20 

1 <= Arr[i] <= 10^5, where Arr[i] is the ith component in the arrangement of N numbers in second line of info 

Arr[i] will be remarkable 



First line contains N meaning the quantity of decimal numbers 

Next line contains N space isolated decimal numbers 



Single line yield printing conceivable paired proportionality where number of digits in this number is equivalent to number of pieces present in the biggest component in second line of information. On the off chance that there is no set which has double comparability, at that point return 0 cushioned to number of pieces present in the biggest component in second line of info. 


Time Limit 



Model 1 


2 7 10 






2 – > 0010 – 1’s = 1, 0’s = 3 

7 – > 0111 – 1’s = 3, 0’s = 1 

10 – > 1010 – 1’s = 2, 0’s = 2 


Here we have taken up to 4 pieces on the grounds that the greatest number is 10 which needs 4 pieces to be spoken to in twofold. The quantity of zeroes and ones over the set is, 6 each. Consequently, the arrangement of [2,7,10] has parallel comparability. Likewise, in the event that you consider set[2,7], it additionally has double equality, 4 each. Be that as it may, set [7,10] doesn’t have double comparability. In like manner, set[10] has parallel equality of 2 each. 


Absolute number of extraordinary sets where double equality is conceivable from all mixes are 3 viz. Sets are [2,7,10], [2,7] and [10] which is the last answer. In any case, as Mr. Paired just comprehends zeroes and ones, return the twofold of 3. 


Since 10 is the biggest component in the contribution on line 2, the quantity of pieces needed to speak to 10 in twofold is 4. Subsequently yield should be cushioned upto 4 digits. Since paired of 3 spoke to as a 4-digit number is 0011, the appropriate response is 0011 




Try not to think about void subset 


Model 2 












7 – > 111 – 1’s = 3, 0’s = 1 


Since there is just a single component in the set and it additionally doesn’t have parallel equality, the appropriate response is 0. Be that as it may, remembering yield details, the appropriate response ought to be printed as 000 since the most noteworthy component in second line of info viz. 7 has 3 pieces when spoken to in parallel configuration.


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