Which OS is Best and100% Secure? 2021

Which OS is Best and 100% Secure

There is no OS that’s 100% secure, supported 2020 stats, Android, Windows, IOS, OSX were the highest used operating systems.So when hackers work with payloads, also referred to as “Viruses, Worms etc..”, they have a tendency to make more available ways targeting the foremost common OS (Microsoft – Windows. NetMarketShare estimates that a staggering 88% of all computers on the web are running a version of Windows). Vulnerabilities, Exploits & Zero day still happen on a day to day , especially targeting bigger organisations. Hackers have historically targeted windows systems the foremost , for the rationale that an outsized number of Windows-based & Software personal computers are on the market.

Linux based OS are safer

This doesn’t mean Linux based OS are safer to each sort of user. Developers, and maintainers of services running under Linux, don’t often update the services, ending up with outdated & vulnerable versions. Android, Apple operating systems, are supported Linux architecture.
So in Linux, once you create a payload, Anti-virus software does exist for Linux, but you almost certainly don’t got to use it. Root-kits that affect Linux are still very rare, yet for knowledgeable hackers its still an equivalent process, but different outputs.
And lots of don’t realize that its an equivalent skill set for an experienced hacker to make a payload, only much easier for Linux, it just runs an equivalent libraries used, unlike Windows, in some cases where you’ve got to switch your payload to bypass other measures.

 Social Engineering

Social engineering and Phishing attacks can get you credential information Still people asking if windows are safer OS than Linux, or if Linux’s safer than windows, if android ‘s secure, well that depends on who is doing the test, and what measures you took as an user or company, you can’t protect what you can’t see. Linux is open source, a crucial differentiation than the opposite operating systems.

Linux Community  

Linux code is reviewed by the tech community, which lends itself to security: By having that much oversight, there are fewer vulnerabilities, bugs and threats, & the kernel is maintained by Linus Torvalds who remains involved. Deploying a secure OS is a crucial start line , but without user education, strong firewalls and constant caution, even the foremost secure networks are often invaded.

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